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Welcome to FEL Communications. We manufacture Microphone Preamplifiers, for broadcast, professional and amateur sound recording. We also make and supply leads, adapters, connectors and components.

For Professional and Broadcast use
The FEL MicBooster Phantom Powered Microphone Preamplifiers

Working from phantom power these preamps boost a mic output by 20-40 dB, perfect for quieter sounds or for use with long cable runs.

For use with solid state and MiniDisc and other home recorders, the 3.5 Series battery-free preamps
These preamps plug into the microphone socket on portable recorders and are ideal for recording wildlife, speech, nature sounds, ambience.

NBC Olympics


Wimbledon Championships

item11bNBC use 152 channels of MicBooster preamps at the Olympic Games [more]

item11a item13a regularly use MicBooster MB1 preamps for long cable dialogue capture.

item10a1 uses MicBooster MB1 preamplifiers with commentator's
Coles lip ribbon mics.

Springwatch and Autumnwatch



The Institute of Professional Sound has reviewed FEL Mic Preamplifiers.
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Wildlife Sound Recording Society
Over 40 members use all models of FEL preamplifier for recording.

item12a uses MicBooster Phantom Powered Preamplifiers for outside broadcast coverage.

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